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TFC Acquire Josh Williams off Waivers

TFC announced Friday afternoon that Josh Williams had been picked up off waivers, their second defensive signing of the transfer window.

Newest Red Josh Williams
Newest Red Josh Williams
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Reds have found themselves more defensive help in the form of 27 year old Josh Williams - formerly of NYCFC and Columbus Crew. Williams has played both Center Back and Right Back in the past, and has been in the league for six years, though he did not pick up his first start for the Crew until he had been with the team for two years.

Williams' addition helps create defensive depth for occasions such as this weekend at New England (though at this point it is unlikely he will be available), where injuries force players into unfamiliar positions. This pick-up also puts a definite end to the Creavalle-as-fullback experiment, something we're all rather pleased with.

According to Kurt Larson, a number of teams were interested in Williams' services, but TFC won out. Regardless of salary, Williams has MLS experience that exceeds most current TFC-ers and should prove to be a valuable addition to the back line.

With any signing, attention eventually turns to who the new player will displace. The question that springs to mind is about Ashtone Morgan and his place in the lineup once he is fit. Will Morrow return to left back, with Williams on the right, or will Williams serve primarily as depth?

What do you think, WTR? Is this a good pick-up? How do you see Williams slotting into the lineup, and how often?