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No Moves Imminent For Toronto FC As Transfer Window Opens Tomorrow

Toronto FC are still likely to bring in re-enforcement's, but know that salary cap limitations make it so that they might have to send a couple of players out before more arrive.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

A loss like Saturday's in close proximity to a transfer window can be very dangerous. It prompts the kind of move that doesn't help a club long-term: looking for a band-aid as quick as possible to try to stop the bleeding instead of a long-term fix.

Toronto FC have made it clear in recent weeks, however, that they are playing the long game. For once roster turnover isn't quite as rampant, and there is a stability to the core of this that hasn't ever been seen in this franchise's existence.

So while thought's of their "embarrassing" 4-0 loss to the Los Angeles Galaxy linger, Greg Vanney made it clear in training today that the club is not abandoning its recent transfer philosophy. They aren't going to move for a band-aid, it has to be someone that will stick around longer than that.

"We want to add somebody who we think can help us at a minimum for 18 months to two years," he said today at training of the team's transfer window goal. "We don't want to be reactive."

While the transfer window opens tomorrow, it doesn't appear that Toronto have made any handshakes yet. It is highly unlikely that a deal will be done just as the window is opening, but instead in the next couple of weeks as the team looks to create the cap space it would need to bring in a meaningful player.

"Nothing is imminent," said Vanney. "We have some ideas and some things have to come into play because in terms of our cap space we have to figure out exactly what we have available to us."

He has been talking with Tim Bezbatchenko about what type of player would move this team in the right direction.

Reports this week have suggested Toronto FC have been in talks with Serie A defender Hugo Campagnaro, but John Molinaro of Sportsnet says those are false. The same goes for a contract with Daniele Gallopa, who had been training with Toronto FC in recent weeks.

Vanney also talked briefly about another wrinkle in this year's transfer window: the Core DP rule. He mentioned that it wasn't really to concern to him, and that it was up to Bezbatchenko to figure out a way for Toronto to use it to their advantage.