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Are you smarter than Ryan Nelsen?: Round 19

After an ugly game in LA the Reds head to Yankee Stadium for a date with David Villa and the New York City Blues.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Last time these two teams met TFC supporters left BMO Field disappointed to say the least.    Coming off a huge win in DC the Reds looked like a 2009 version of themselves losing 2-0 to an expansion side on their first visit to BMO.  The last team to do that was Seattle by the same 2-0 scoreline in April of that year.  This is TFC's chance to return the favour.

Greg Vanney will have to get everyone back on the same page defensively after giving up four goals last week.  How TFC responds on the road once again could really set the tone for the rest of this stretch of games during the Gold Cup.  Can someone consistently get the ball to Giovinco? Can someone consistently support Giovinco offensively?

TFC narrowly missed the Steven Gerrard MLS debut last weekend but will witness Frank Lampard's long awaited MLS debut this weekend. That isn't all for NYCFC however as the club has been very busy signing players from all over Europe the last few weeks.  While Andrea Pirlo won't be in the squad for another week or so two other signings should be available for selection this weekend.  NY City Blues has bolstered the defence with Angelino, an 18 year old right back on loan from Manchester City, and La Liga veteran Andoni Iraola.  Will this fix the defensive issues New York has had at the back?

How will Jason Kreis work the rest of his squad around his shinny new toys?  How will Vanney deploy star deprived squad?

Scoring; 2 points for the correct result, 1 point for the correct TFC score and 1 point for the correct opponent score.  Post in the comment section below or mention me (@Stouffvillain) before kick-off to be eligible.

Current standings

bully brew 29
HeavyRedFlow 28
moosefc 29
AMS1984 25
henryforpm 27
zicogold 26
mitchelltierney 26
SaskTFCFan 24
snellt 24
PSoNumber9 22
Footy Wolverines Go Blue 22
TheBoffin 21
danninho 23
ajaxaman 20
TheKaptin 20
@timmerj_75 19
dcherk 19
Wilco V 20
Arjon 20
The Real SK TFC Fan 18
TFCfan_427 17
Duncan Fletcher 19
1-4-4-2 16
julian77 18
djopel00 18
Sven87 17
david.riddles 14
Jeremy Tod 14
MatterMote 14
alphaamar 14
mxhammers 16
d dubya 14
TARV12 14
MrTuktoyaktuk 13
Stouffvillain 15
Nick P. 12
Lord Flashheart 11
@pearceRPB 10
Ghost of TFC Future 9
Rsanchez 8
Seth Greenan 7
TFC is Killing Me 6
StoneMonkey 5
Toronto Tony 4
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@BruceHardingTFC 2
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