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Waking The Red FC To Rock The Pitch

If Toronto FC wasn't frustrating, slow or unskilled enough for your liking Waking The Red is proud to introduce Waking The Red FC, a collection of hamstring injuries waiting to happen! The team will be competing in the Rock The Pitch charity tournament.

On Sunday, Waking The Red FC will make its club debut at Rock The Pitch, an annual charity tournament run by Gulu United. With tournament kickoff at 9:00 am, WTRFC will be trying its hardest to get past the three tournament games it is automatically guaranteed and make an unlikely run at the finals.

The team will feature several familiar faces, or usernames, to this blog. Captaining the team will be longtime writer Dave Rowaan, joined by Managing Editor Mitchell Tierney, Michael Veenstra, Sven87 and TFC 2 man Anthony Gallo. The rest of the team is a randomly selected group of friends and family, so we are pretty much Disney's the Mighty Ducks.

Rumour has it that retired Toronto FC captain Steven Caldwell will be playing in the tournament, and could likely stop our entire team all on his own. In the past the tournament has included such names as Jason De Vos, Kara Lang, Chris Pozniak and Michael Cera. We don't know why Michael Cera was there, and probably neither does he.

However, the tournament is more important than just the possibility that one of your favourite writers sustains a graphic injury. Our team is trying to raise money for a good cause, that being supporting kids in Africa as they live out their academic and athletic dreams.

The tournament is run by Gulu United, which is a full time soccer academy and scholarship program. The goal of the program is to give talented young soccer players in war-torn Uganda scholarships to play and learn in a soccer academy environment.

The program gives the young players involved the opportunity to be surrounded by world class coaching and teaching that otherwise they would not receive. It is a football academy helping not just the game but the people who play it so passionately.

For more information you can visit GuluUnited.Com, the home page for the academy. Through the "rock the pitch" 5-a-side charity soccer tournament, Gulu United is looking to raise a grand total of $5000. That is where the readers of Waking The Red can help.

WTRFC has set a fundraising goal of $500 that we are hoping to raise before the tournament opens on Sunday. We would very much appreciate any and all donations as we try to do our part to support one of the positive elements that the sport of soccer can bring.

You can find Waking The Red's donation page here: Now lets all help some talented kids live out the footballing dream we always wish we had.