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Waking The Red FC Fail to Advance from Group Stage of Rock The Pitch

Unsurprisingly fitness and defending were the team's undoing despite a strong start. However, thanks to our readers the site still comes out of the tournament successful.

Waking the Red has been covering Toronto FC for too long. Like the team we write about, everything surrounding Rock the Pitch 2015 went well off the field, however on it the team was unable to advance out of a favourable draw in Group C.

The most important part, and what we are most proud of, is the fact that the site was able to raise a grand total of $1,375 for Gulu United. This was the second most any team was able to raise, and was significantly larger than the $1,000 goal we set to pass.

Waking the Red would like to personally thank everyone that contributed to this total. As always we are blown away be the amount of support and love that this community has shown for the site. 

Overall, the combined teams raised $9,262 which will go towards the soccer academy program which gives underprivileged kids in Uganda a chance to play out their sporting and educational dreams.

On the pitch, however, things were not nearly as successful. Playing on artificial turf meant Waking the Red was unable to score as many goals as they should have. We have issued a formal complaint to FIFA and are expecting an imminent response.

Waking the Red started out to tournament in impressive fashion. Playing against the Toronto Manchester City FC fan club, our side got revenge for the friendly Toronto FC lost to sit earlier in the year. A 5-0 victory put us at the top of table, and unsurprisingly also included no goals from any of our writers.

WTRFC followed this up with a 0-0 draw against Drunken Thistle, but were unable to overcome a strong defensive side to put ourselves in a position to advance. Our keeper, also not a Waking the Red writer, was the man of the match making several key saves.

Things unraveled very quickly against Degen FC, however, and their ringer Steven Caldwell. The second of back to back games, byproduct of an unfortunate draw, the team was outclassed in a 9-1 loss. The game included Caldwell ironically calling a handball on one of our players.

Looking to save some face, the team entered its final tournament game against Spartak Sportsnet. WTRFC made a crucial mistake in the early going, however, chanting "T-S-N" before the game started. This seemed to anger the Sportsnet side, who went on to win 5-0. Mainstream media are the worst.

Sportsnet's James Sharman pointed to Waking the Red's defending as the reason the team lost the game. We would tend to agree with this analysis.

After the tournament it has been confirmed that Waking The Red FC are sacking their current manager. The team is currently in a search for anyone who has formerly managed Real Madrid.

Luckily, Waking the Red left the tournament with no major injuries, despite Mitchell Tierney being sent head over heals more than a few times by incoming challenges. Clearly he should stop writing so many controversial articles.

We are awaiting league disciplinary action, however, after Dave Rowaan got a fist full of Thomas Dobby's shirt on a breakaway.

Preparations have already begun for next year's tournament. The team can only assume not drinking enough beer and working out too much was the cause of our downfall and will look to improve on these aspects next year.