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Ole Gunnar Solksjaer reportedly in talks with Toronto FC

Toronto FC are reportedly working towards a deal that could see a Manchester United legend join the team in either a coaching or front office role.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a big name in the world of soccer.  For any Manchester United fan just the mention of his name will bring a rush of memories flooding back with the most vivid being his goal that sealed the improbably comeback in the 1999 Champions League final.  He is without a doubt a Manchester United legend and since hanging up his scoring boots he has proven to be a decent manager as well.

Solskjaer retired following the 2007 season and made the move in to the coaching ranks at Manchester United where he got on the job training working with the reserves.  He found a lot of success with that team and after 3 years he took the chance to return home for his first crack at managing a first team.  His time at Molde in Norway was another successful run and eventually led to him being linked to some high profile jobs including a potential return to England as many suggested he might be one of the canadiates to replace Sir Alex Ferguson at United.  While he never got that job he did make his way to Cardiff where he was unable to save the team from relegation in 2014 and was eventually sacked after they got off to a poor start in the Championship.

Solskjaer has been without a club for nearly a year now and while his name continues to pop up as a candidate for jobs he had not been able to find a new gig.  That could change soon though as the Norwegian is reportedly in talks with Toronto FC and MLSE about joining the organization.

While the early reports have been very mixed regarding what role he would be coming to the club to fill.  The report that seems to have started all the chatter has him coming in to take over as coach which would mean the departure of Greg Vanney.  In that initial report Solskjaer's agent confirms that his client has been in talks with TFC but does not offer any further details of those talks.

That initial report has been widely denied since it appeared on Tuesday afternoon with almost every reporter that covers TFC chiming in to say that the team is not about to make yet another coaching change.  Waking the Red has also learned that those denials are correct and for the time being the job of Vanney seems to be quite secure.

What MLSE is doing is continuing to look for someone to come in and serve as the President of Toronto FC.  They want to have another layer in place to make up for the loss of Tim Leiweke who was very involved in the running of the soccer franchise.  The new hiring would be tasked with overseeing the club and would act as the go between for Vanney and Tim Bezbatchenko and the MLSE board.  It is a very important position and one that the club is working hard to fill.

That is where these Solskjaer reports may actually prove to have legs.  He may not be the first potential candidate for the Presidency job that we have heard of but his is the first name to come out in quite a few months.  It seems that Solskjaer is just the latest candidate for that position and it would be premature to say that he is going to be hired.

So while we can safely poor a bucket of cold water on the idea that he is coming here to take over as the club's head coach it is too soon to completely dismiss the idea that Solskjaer might be coming to Toronto.  We will have to wait and see how the talks progress between Solskjaer and MLSE before we can say anything with certainty but if he does get hired I have a suggestion on how best to greet him:

"You are my Solskjaer, My Ole Solskjaer, You make me happy, When skies are grey. Oh Alan Shearer, Was f*cking dearer, So please don't take my Solskjaer away."