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Righting the Ship: TFC vs Colorado Preview

After falling flat in New York on Wednesday, TFC must turn the ship around at home against Western Conference foe Colorado.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Wake me up when September ends. TFC are on the very edge of the spiral into chaos that comes this time of year. There are no excuses, of course. The Reds are mostly healthy, and despite their showing at Yankee Stadium they are a good team with good players. The ship needs to be steadied.

Match Talking Points

Greg Vanney has a lot to answer for. We shouldn't be figuring out our best back four in September. We should be figuring that out in March. We shouldn't have to play Jozy Altidore on the wing to fit our Designated Players on the field together. We should be able grind out results against conference rivals.

Colorado are not a conference rival, but they do have a defensive corps that TFC should envy. Pablo Mastroeni has slowly turned the failing Rapids into an MLS team that, despite being glued to the bottom of the Western Standings, are nearest to TFC in terms of record. This is a team TFC should win against, not that that means anything.

TFC Starting XI

football formations

I expect Vanney to switch back to the Diamond in an effort to keep Giovinco and Altidore up front together. This is a home match that TFC need to get all three points from.

Keys to the Game

I expect Colorado to bunker and defend, which TFC will have to pick their way through. It won't be an easy game for the Reds by any stretch, and Michael Bradley will be key against a Colorado team the often plays with three defensive midfielders. In the back with Ahmed Kantari suspended, someone will have to take the distribution duties from the back line.

The game kicks off at 2 pm on TSN