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Summer additions of Kantari and Gomez prove to be expensive for Toronto FC

Toronto FC were not the busiest club during the summer window but that did not stop them from splashing around a fair bit of cash on the signings that they did make.

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The MLS Players Union have once again released their salary figures and Toronto FC continue to be among the biggest spenders in the league with some of the top paid stars on their roster.  While the majority of the figures released for TFC are the same ones that we saw earlier in the summer there are a few new additions to the list.

Summer signings Ahmed Kantari, Herculez Gomez, and Josh Williams are all added to the list and the first two are commanding fairly large salaries.  Kantari's figure is certainly the one that sticks out on the list as he is reportedly making $345,000 in guaranteed compensation for the 2015 season.  That is a lot of money for a player who is only going to be with the club for half of the season.  Gomez is not far behind him as the American forward is set to earn $261,000 for his half season with the club.

While those two are making big money and raising some questions about whether or not they are worth that kind of salary the third signing is one that seems to be good value.  Getting Williams, a solid defensive contributor with plenty of MLS experience and the ability to play in multiple spots, in for $125,000 looks to be a good bit of business for a club that was in dire need of some defensive depth and quality.

Kantari's salary figure makes him the fifth highest earner on the team according to the released figures.  He trails the multi-million dollar Designated Player trio of Jozy Altidore ($475,000), Michael Bradley ($6,500,000), and Sebastian Giovinco ($7,115,555.67) as well as fellow central defender Damien Perqius ($372,500) on the list but that is it as Kantari comes in ahead of the likes of Gomez, Benoit Cheyrou ($259,333.29), Robbie Findley ($255,500), and Luke Moore ($235,500).  With his addition along with that of Gomez the club now has 9 players on the roster commanding more that $200k in salary.  That is quite a large amount of money to be spending on the top end of the roster.

The spending on the top end of the team has proven to be effective for the team this season when the best XI has actually been available and on the playing field.  When Vanney has all his high priced options to work with the team has been near the top of the east but when they have been missing some of those stars the drop in quality have been very steep.

That is not to say that the roster does not include some players that are proving to be good value.  TFC are getting solid contributions out of Ashtone Morgan ($112,000), Jonathan Osorio ($152,599.68), Marky Delgado ($82,500), Chris Konopka ($66,000), and even Eriq Zavaleta ($115,600).  The high value players on the roster have been limited throughout this clubs history so this group is worth keeping an eye on.  Hopefully they can be retained on good salaries for next season and not get that traditional TFC raise that suddenly turns them in to overpaid players instead of good values.

What the numbers serve to do is illustrate that the club are still not leading the league in finding players for good value.  It means that any changes they want to make this offseason will have to come in the wake of player departures as for now the club is certainly sitting right up against the salary limitations.