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Hoilett and Aird set to represent Canada

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The next Canadian roster is set to have some surprise names on it with Junior Hoilett and Fraser Aird both expected to be included.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

His club career may have fallen off track in recent seasons but Junior Hoillet is still the kind of player that could have a lot to offer for the Canadian Men's National Team.  For most fans of the team the idea of the QPR attacker ever actually representing Canada was something they had long given up on.  The same was true for Benito Floro who has gone on the record in the past as saying that he was done calling players who were not interested in representing Canada.

That all seems to have changed though as the CSA tweeted out a video that makes it fairly clear that Hoilett will be on the upcoming Canadian roster for the upcoming friendly against Ghana.  That game would not cap tie Junior to the national team but it would certainly be a big step towards adding him to the player pool.

According to the CSA's tweet his inclusion in the national team will be made official at 1 PM on Wednesday.

Hoilett is now 25-years-old and is no longer the promising young player that he was a few years ago but he does still have a fair bit to offer a Canadian program that he been seriously lacking in consistent attacking threats over the years.  The winger has been struggling to get playing time this season with QPR despite the club's place in the English Championship.

With his stock at QPR hitting an all time low and the club likely looking to move on from his fairly expensive wages it makes sense that Hoilett would want to get some minutes on the international stage.  A few strong showings for Canada in the coming months might just lead to increased interest in him during the January transfer window which could help find a fresh start for his now stalled club career.

While Hoilett's arrival with the national team is not going to be the magic bullet that fixes everything that ails the program it should still be a nice boost to the team.  If he can provide another consistent scoring threat for Canada over the coming years it might be enough to help them steal some key points in the next round of World Cup qualifying.

Canada is looking to secure another boost in the form of a dual national as Fraser Aird is reportedly set to join the squad.  The Rangers midfielder was listed among the absences from the team for international duty according to the BBC.  He would be another nice addition for a team that is in need of any bit of quality that can help deepen the player pool that Floro has to work with.