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Are you smarter than Ryan Nelsen?: Round 28

Star studded lineups await in this....oh wait....a bunch of substitutes will battle it out while the big guns are away.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto FC continue their fight to make the playoffs out west this weekend with a trip to Century Link Field. Both clubs will be forced to shuffle their lineups around as coaches deal with international call ups.

Seattle will be without Marco Pappa, Roman Torres, Clint Dempsey and Victor Mansaray.  Fortunately for the Sounders Obafemi Martins will be available for selection.  Former Red Stefan Frei will face his former team and perhaps even Chad Barrett will pair with Martins up top.  Seattle will pose a threat to score goals even with their absences.

TFC will be without all three of their DP's but will hold onto their Canadian internationals for the game to which Greg Vanney ca breathe a sigh of relief.  Where the goals will come from is still going to be a massive question for Toronto FC to answer.  The three DP's have combined for 31 of the 44 goals that TFC has scored this year.  If TFC are to walk away with anything they need to be able to at least threaten the Seattle goal.

Can TFC get anything from this match?

Scoring; 2 points for the correct result, 1 point for the correct TFC score and 1 point for the correct opponent score.  Post in the comment section below or mention me (@Stouffvillain) before kick-off to be eligible.

Current standings

moosefc 47
henryforpm 42
bully brew 41
HeavyRedFlow 40
zicogold 39
snellt 39
SaskTFCFan 38
TheBoffin 36
dcherk 35
AMS1984 35
PSoNumber9 35
Arjon 35
julian77 34
Duncan Fletcher 34
mitchelltierney 33
ajaxaman 33
Footy Wolverines Go Blue 33
@timmerj_75 33
djopel00 32
danninho 32
Wilco V 32
TFCfan_427 32
MrTuktoyaktuk 31
TheKaptin 30
Stouffvillain 30
The Real SK TFC Fan 28
1-4-4-2 28
Sven87 27
mxhammers 24
Lord Flashheart 22
MatterMote 17
alphaamar 17
TARV12 16
david.riddles 14
Jeremy Tod 14
d dubya 14
Nick P. 12
@pearceRPB 10
TFCfaninChicago 10
Ghost of TFC Future 9
Rsanchez 8
Seth Greenan 7
TFC is Killing Me 6
StoneMonkey 5
Steven Schmidt 5
Toronto Tony 4
mistercorporate 4
soccerfan2012 3
christopher.bedard.9 3
charles_316 3
Michaelvee 3
stoppage_time 2
Copes 2
B like fonz 2
C to the D 2
waynedsouza 2
@BruceHardingTFC 2
the Humberlands 2
Torontofan813 1
N3WT 1
Mint-e 1
Prof Frink 1