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Football for Good Panel – Youth Soccer, Globalization & the Modern Game in Toronto on Thursday Night

The clock is ticking down to what should be a very enlightening experience on Thursday night, it's not too late to get involved yourself

The Beautiful Game is grand, ain't it?
The Beautiful Game is grand, ain't it?
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Just weeks removed from Waking the Red FC taking to the pitch in support of a worthy-cause, to admittedly mixed results, Football for Good are back in town to host a panel discussion on the evening of Thursday, September 10th at Bier Markt on The Esplande in Toronto at 7 pm.

The two-hour talk will feature an excellent selection of local – Tim Bezbatchenko, Kristian Jack, James Sharman – and international – Ose Aibangee, Academy Director at Brenford FC – experts, as well as Adrian Bradbury himself, the man behind FFG and Gulu United FC.

For those unfamiliar with Football for Good, or Gulu United, this article from Sportsnet Magazine provides a detailed primer.

Further information about the event, as well as ticket registration, can be found here.

Hope to see you there!