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Toronto FC 2015 Top 30 Countdown: #12 Josh Williams

He joined Toronto FC in the summer, but in that time a consistently solid performance from Williams made him a strong acquisition for the club.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Williams was brought into the squad by TFC management in order to try and provide cover for an already leaky defence.

Average Rating: 12.3

Highest Rating: 7

Lowest Rating: 20

Whenever a team picks somebody off of waivers this roster transaction is usually thought of as a minor deal or the end of the rope for the athlete. When Josh Williams was brought into the fold by Toronto FC there was a lot of need for another defender. Throughout the whole season the Toronto backline suffered a lot of inconsistent defensive performances as well as losing many man games through injury.

At the start of the year, Toronto's back four was supposed to feature Morrow, Perquis, Caldwell and Bloom. Injuries hit hard and made Bloom miss the whole season, additionally forcing Steven Caldwell into retirement. If that was not bad enough Damien Perquis was forced to miss many weeks throughout the whole season.

Williams was brought in to provide cover at Right Back. After injuries hit again Williams stepped into central defence and provided some solid play. His history as a former central midfielder and his footwork from his full back training allowed him to be strong and smart on the ball. The roulette wheel in the back four meant that each week Williams had to play with another body alongside him in defence.

Williams ended the regular season playing 90 minutes in each of the last eight games of the season. His presence brought a sense of stability to the tough end of season.

Even though Williams provided stability for TFC he did have some shaky moments. Unfortunately TFC learned that Williams is not the defensive lynchpin that the club needs. During the dismantling at the hands of the Impact in Toronto's first ever playoff match Williams was beat time and time again by Didier Drogba, sometimes at the cost of a goal.

If Toronto is to be more solid next year Williams will need to be dropped down lower on the depth chart. Luckily with the new additions of Drew Moor and Steven Beitashour Josh Williams will be placed in to his proper role within the TFC squad. A backup right back and central defender. Not only a good backup but a cheap one as well.