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Canadian Premier League and Names for Hamilton Franchise Trademarked

A Canadian professional soccer league could be announced within the next couple of weeks.

Dave Sandford/Getty Images

Evidence of the upcoming Canadian Premier League is now public record. The name "Canadian Premier League" was recently trademarked, along with two possible names for the Hamilton franchise expected to join the league. Both were registered by Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club Inc.

This is consistent with reports in the past that the league's main offices will be based out of Hamilton, Ont. This would make sense as to why the trademarks were filed by the Tiger-Cats, and not the Canadian Soccer Association itself. The two possible names for the flagship Hamilton franchise trademarked were the Hamilton Steelers and Hamilton United.

Hamilton Steelers was originally the name of a team founded in 1981 in the Canadian National Soccer League. It was dissolved in 1992, along with the league it played in, the original Canadian Soccer League.

The creation of a Canadian professional soccer league was originally reported by Duane Rollins of Canadian Soccer News. The league is expected to be a level below Major League Soccer, meaning Toronto FC, Montreal Impact and the Vancouver Whitecaps would remain where they are currently.

An official announcement for the league could be coming within the next few weeks, as the league continues to take steps forward. CSA President Victor Montagliani said in a media call last month that he was happy with the progress that the league was making. The league will reportedly begin play in 2018.

CFL ownership groups, such as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, are expected to be involved with many of the franchises in this league. The CFL currently has franchises in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Regina, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto and Montreal.

Other than Hamilton, however, the locations of the six to eight teams expected to be a part of this league have not been revealed. Details about the possible new league have been few and far between, to say the least, but have picked up in steam lately in terms of being revealed.