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Predict the MLS playoffs: The semi-finals, part two!

MLS does it all over again on Sunday as the elite eight contest their second legs.

MLS: Conference Semifinals-New York City at Toronto FC Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

As Steven Gerrard once said, we go again. It’s conference semi-final, second leg time tomorrow and here’s how our prediction league stands:

Name Correct Scores Correct Results Points
James Grossi 2 4 10
Oliver Platt 2 4 10
AnthonyT97 2 3 9
Arjon 2 3 9
Philip Zivanovich 1 5 8
Mark De Luca 1 5 7
HeavyRedFlow 1 4 7
Dawid Burzynski 0 5 5
stoppage_time 1 1 4
pkarvanis 0 4 4
Michael Veenstra 1 1 4
SaskTFCFan 0 3 3
Jon Peckitt 0 3 3
AMS1984 0 2 2

Here’s a few guesses from our contributors - please leave your predictions in the comments. This time, you’ll get three points for the correct score (of the second leg as an individual game, whenever normal play ends) and one for the picking the team to advance. If your score prediction results in an aggregate draw, please specify who you think will advance on penalties.

Seattle Sounders vs. FC Dallas

MLS: Conference Semifinals-FC Dallas at Seattle Sounders Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Dawid Burzysnki: There is only a very slight chance of Dallas being able to overcome a 3-0 deficit against a Sounders team that is firing on all cylinders, but they’ll pull off the win at home. 2-1.

Jon Peckitt: Dallas has shown they can be an explosive, dangerous team, but no Mauro Diaz and a three-goal hole to climb out of might make this too much. Seattle scores a late one to clinch it. 2-1.

Oliver Platt: Dallas need a miracle and Seattle will be able to sit back, wait for mistakes and threaten on the break. 1-1.

Philip Zivanovich: The lead that Seattle established for themselves will be far too much for Dallas to overcome. As soon as the Sounders find the back of the net once, this fixture is all but over. 2-1.

James Grossi: This series is all but over. Dallas' only hope is to keep Seattle off the board and nab one or two in a controlled opening half before pressing forward with abandon in the second. Expect Dallas to boss play and Seattle to be content to let them do so while waiting for chances to stick the dagger in on the break. Dallas takes the lead, maybe even scores two, but in pushing they allow the Sounders to pick them apart on a counter. 2-1.

New York Red Bulls vs. Montreal Impact

MLS: Conference Semifinals-New York Red Bulls at Montreal Impact Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Dawid Burzysnki: After the dramatic 1-0 finish in Montreal, I cannot get over the fact that Montreal may very well take advantage of the away goals rule. 2-1 (Montreal advance on away goals).

Jon Peckitt: Montreal did a fantastic job to deny NYRB any away goals in Montreal, but will Piatti and Co. have enough in the tank to hold off one of the most potent attacks in the league? 2-1 (Montreal advance on away goals).

Oliver Platt: I really don’t know on this one. My head says New York’s attack will carry them through but I would not be at all surprised to see Montreal deliver again. 2-0.

Philip Zivanovich: The hardest one the predict. New York will shoot out to an early lead, but Montreal will score an essential away goal. A flourish to the finish, but the Impact will get through to the Eastern Conference Finals against TFC 2-1 (Montreal advance on away goals).

James Grossi: As stated previously, Montreal is so hard to project. Patrice Bernier is a playoff ace; his contribution over the regular season was minimal, but come the bright lights and the big games, he is a driving force in the midfield. New York undoubtedly has the firepower to overturn the first-leg result, but can they do so without getting caught at the back? Then there looms the question of whither Didier? His story with the Impact is not yet done – writing his name with an emphatic late goal to push Montreal through seems destine. 2-1 (Montreal advance on away goals).

New York City FC vs. Toronto FC

MLS: Conference Semifinals-New York City at Toronto FC Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Dawid Burzysnki: It's tough to see Toronto dropping this game badly enough to be eliminated. In fact, I am quite confident that they will get a result in the Bronx but I am going to play this one conservatively. 2-1.

Jon Peckitt: Expect goals galore at Yankee Stadium - if Toronto can just put one away, NYC need four. Toronto's defence has been massively improved this season and should be able to weather the storm. 2-2.

Oliver Platt: Toronto get the goal they need to put the tie to bed and grab a winner against a dejected New York City late on. 1-2.

Philip Zivanovich: Toronto comes into this match flying high and up a pair of goals that were much deserved. NYCFC will push hard to even the score up but TFC's firepower is just too strong and they will be meeting Montreal in the Eastern final. 2-2.

James Grossi: Tempting fate is never a wise move here in Toronto. The first goal will be crucial in this encounter. Should TFC score it, the match opens up and New York will be forced to abandon defending, not particularly their strong suit anyways, thus opening up spaces for Sebastian Giovinco and Jozy Altidore to strike. Should NYCFC take the lead, the margins shrink even more, and the condensed field of play will only make the game more scatter-shot. And of course, David Villa will score, but so too will Giovinco. 2-2.

Colorado Rapids vs. LA Galaxy

MLS: Conference Semifinals-Colorado Rapids at Los Angeles Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Dawid Burzysnki: An intriguing matchup; expect another close game, very much like last week’s. It is tough to see the Galaxy go crashing out of the play-offs with their abundance of options, though. 2-1 (LA advance on away goals).

Jon Peckitt: If LA scores that vital away goal, Colorado will be hard pressed to find themselves scoring three times against the Galaxy. 1-1.

Oliver Platt: I could see Colorado levelling the tie and a cagey affair playing out before LA break their hearts in the latter stages. 1-1.

Philip Zivanovich: I feel that Colorado's offence has been dissected as of late because of their lack of goalscoring. They will finally break the goose egg, but the Galaxy will double them up and see them off for a Western Conference final spot. 1-2.

James Grossi: Of all the series’, this is the one most likely to go to extra time and a shootout given Colorado's defensive abilities and the fact that they have the luxury of playing in the thin, home air. The Rapids propensity for 1-0 wins makes that the more likely scoreline, but one suspects that having forced the match to spot kicks, LA simply has more talent and experience. 1-0 (LA advance on penalties).