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Predict the MLS playoffs: The results!

Sebastian Giovinco sums up our collective efforts to predict the final two games.

MLS: MLS Cup John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The results are in and... no one got any points in the final round of our MLS Cup prediction league!

That’s except tecate, who unfortunately had not played prior to the final but correctly guessed that the Seattle Sounders would be this year’s champions for three points.

Our winner, therefore, is our very own James Grossi, who beats out Arjon by a couple of points on the strength of his pre-conference final predictions. Well played, James!

Name Correct Scores Correct Results Points
James Grossi 4 9 21
Arjon 4 7 19
Philip Zivanovich 3 9 18
AnthonyT97 3 7 16
Dawid Burzynski 4 9 15
Oliver Platt 2 8 14
HeavyRedFlow 2 7 13
pkarvanis 1 8 11
Jon Peckitt 1 8 11
Mark De Luca 1 6 8
AMS1984 0 5 5
stoppage_time 1 1 4
Michael Veenstra 1 1 4
SaskTFCFan 0 3 3
tecate 0 1 3

Thanks to everyone who took part, and I’ll take this opportunity to also thank everyone for following our coverage of Toronto FC’s playoff run. We’ll formalize this a bit more and do it again next season - hopefully we have another long year ahead to enjoy.