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Lovitz’s Toronto FC departure confirmed

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Jay Chapman sent a good luck message to locker-room buddies Lovitz and Josh Williams on Friday.

MLS: Toronto FC at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, Daniel Lovitz is leaving Toronto FC.

The Reds opted not to pick up the option in the midfielder’s existing contract and given that he was already earning the league minimum, there was always little chance they were doing so in order to strike a new agreement.

His exit was confirmed by none other than Jay Chapman, who has sent his best wishes to Lovitz and Columbus Crew re-entry draft pick Josh Williams on Instagram on Friday.

Chapman’s account is private so I can’t embed the post on this page, but if you’re following him you can see it here.

That just leaves Clement Simonin and Benoit Cheyrou of the remaining out-of-contract players. The club’s offseason tracker has them both on the ‘out’ page but it also lists Ashtone Morgan, who has re-signed, and Clint Irwin, who they have re-acquired, so that may not mean a whole lot.

Kurtis Larson of the Sun is pretty confident Cheyrou will be back. Simonin seems likely to join Lovitz, Williams, Chris Mannella and Mark Bloom on the way out.