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Football Manager’s simulation of the MLS Cup is pretty dramatic

God help us if we actually have to survive scenes like this on Saturday night.

Football Manager says TFC are going to win MLS Cup

Toronto FC beat the Seattle Sounders in Football Manager's simulation of the MLS Cup... and if it's this dramatic in real life we all might die.

Posted by Waking the Red on Thursday, December 8, 2016

There’s going to be a few nails chewed if the MLS Cup turns out like this.

The people behind Football Manager have taken a shot at predicting how Toronto FC vs. Seattle Sounders will pan out by running a simulation of the game... on the game.

Greg Vanney springs a couple of selection surprises, with Benoit Cheyrou and Josh Williams both getting starts over Armando Cooper and Nick Hagglund. Things start well for Toronto but, much like the Montreal tie, there are plenty of twists and turns before the decisive moment in the 80th minute.

You can check it out above.