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New Toronto FC Kit to be Unveiled March 1st

Toronto FC's official Twitter account teased the introduction of a new team jersey Friday morning.

This is how they release a kit, right? -
This is how they release a kit, right? -
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Never missing an opportunity to put together a short video in hopes of keeping everyone on the edge of their seats, the magicians behind TFC's communications have outdone themselves again. At 10:30 Friday morning, Toronto FC's official Twitter account released the following:

While fans have known for some time that a new away kit was in the works, a release date has now been announced, giving supporters but four days to wait until the big unveil. With BMO recently renewing their kit and stadium-naming sponsorship, everything appears to be coming together at the eleventh hour (wouldn't have it any other way) for Toronto FC.

While some may be disappointed about the widely acclaimed onyx jersey falling into oblivion, time will tell whether the new kit is (at the very least) on par with the club's 2015 sweat-soakers. One thing can be certain, should history hold true- the Maple Leaf will feature prominently on the new kit.

Sources have indicated the possibility of Adidas continuing their latest MLS jersey trend, using Toronto's city flag as inspiration for the kit design. Many fans have already expressed their distaste for anything blue on, in, or around TFC grounds, angrily shaking their fists at the speculative reports. After all, it's hard to yell "come on you reds" at the blue team during an away game at Toyota Park.

The video featured in the Tweet does not directly include any spoilers regarding the design of the jersey. The logo at the end of the video, however, might ruffle some feathers among the TFC faithful. The word "ten", indicating the tenth season for this... "storied" franchise, is very clearly and blatantly surrounded by the colour blue.

Could this be an indicator of things to come? Will the new away kit include some seemingly unwanted blue tones, or even use blue as a primary colour? Have they succeeded in getting everyone excited for the launch of the kit? Is anyone surprised they showed Bradley in a promotional piece that has little to do with him? Is it possible Michael Bradley designed the jersey himself?

All these questions, and more, will be answered on March 1st. Stay tuned.