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Toronto FC 2015 Top 30 Countdown: #1 Sebastian Giovinco

There is no surprise as the player who arguably had the best season in Major League Soccer history came in first place in the Top 30 Countdown.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

There were very few lists that Sebastian Giovinco did not top in 2015, so it is no surprise that he is also first place in the Top 30 Countdown. Giovinco was the MLS MVP, Newcomer of the Year and the league's Golden Boot winner.

Average Rating: 1

Highest Rating: 1

Lowest Rating: 4 (Because Michael Veenstra had him in all of his Top 4 spots)

More important than all the goals and all the awards is the amount of healing that Giovinco provided at a broken club. While 2014 certainly wasn't the club's worst season it also seemed like the final nail in a disappointing history. The team had finally made a investment in high end players, and they had backfired in their face.

After the whole Defoe situation, Toronto fans had to be skeptical going into 2015, sure Giovinco was a talented played but would he get homesick like Defoe? So not only was it the incredible play of Giovinco that left an impression on Toronto FC fans it was how loyal he continues to be to the club. He truly seems to love the city, and be proud of the crest that he has been wearing on the front of his shirt.

Obviously all of this needed to be underlined by a strong performance as well: his loyalty wouldn't have mattered if he didn't have a strong season. He scored 22 goals and added 16 assists to break the league record for most combined goals and assists in an MLS season. He led the league in both categories.

In the process, Giovinco would also score what was debatably the best and most important goal in Toronto FC history. Against the New York Red Bulls, Giovinco would weave through defenders before burying the ball into the back of the net with his left foot. The goal would clinch Toronto's first ever playoffs appearance, and secure his legacy in Toronto.

This season will be very interesting for Giovinco, as he will have plenty of pressure on him to repeat his 2015 performance. This will not be easy, as teams now surely know that they need to watch out for the atomic ant and will tailor their game plan to stop him.

The club are also playing a different offensive system this year, which means Giovinco will likely be on the wing for most of the season. Ultimately this is role that suits him well, but playing in an offensive line with two other players will be an adjustment.

The atomic ant will once again be the club's most important piece this upcoming season, and crucial as to whether or not they can repeat an impressive offensive year.