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Players Toronto FC May Look to Move Out for Salary Cap Reasons

The club have under March 2 to get under the salary cap, which means someone on the current roster is going to have to leave to make room for all their new players. Here is a list of possible candidates who could be on their way out of Toronto.

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With the recent additions that were made during this past off season, Toronto FC have now found themselves in a tight salary cap situation. Reports surfaced early on in training camp that the team is not salary cap compliant at the moment. General Manager Tim Bezbatchenko is in position where the team has to sell players after adding a good handful already. The challenge will be finding a way to shed salary without taking away from any of the positive impact that the team has had this offseason.

Potential Trade Candidates:

Ashtone Morgan ( $100,000 Salary): The Toronto FC all time caps leader may soon find himself leaving the team. Currently used as a back up to Justin Morrow, his salary may become to much to keep sitting on the bench. With the conversion of Daniel Lovitz to left back, a trade involving Morgan could work, as he may be deemed expendable.

Luke Moore or Herculez Gomez ( $215,000/$240,000 Salary): With two expensive back up strikers on the bench, it would make sense for Toronto to move at least one of these two pieces. It would be more likely that the team could move Moore with his cheaper salary and there is perhaps already an interest in doing so as a move back to England was already rumoured for Moore. It would be unlikely that the team would choose to move Gomez first as he was just brought in this past summer transfer window.

Jonathan Osorio ( $145,000 Salary): With the addition of Will Johnson and the potential of having the team play a 4-3-3, it may suit the team to move Osorio instead of leaving him on the bench. At his price and age teams would surely be interested in the 23-year-old Canadian. It would be a move many fans would hate but might be deemed necessary in the process.

Colin Warner ( $129,937 Salary): Just slightly below the salary level of Osorio, Warner could be moved for many of the same reasons. He is projected to be a bench player for the team but others could be interested in him as he is a proven MLS veteran who can contribute in a lower level team's starting 11.

Josh Williams ( $125,000 Salary): Toronto's best centre back last season is also another trade candidate. Having proven himself last season to be better than the player he was at NYCFC, teams could potentially be interested in him. The question that the TFC front office would have to ask itself is whether or not they're comfortable with having Nick Hagglund and Eriq Zavaleta as their backup centre back options.

Out of left field prediction:

The team could potentially find some cap relief by loaning players to NASL teams. It was rumoured early on that the Ottawa Fury were looking to add players on loan as a result of the mass exodus they faced this season. A deal between the two teams could benefit both clubs this season, with the deal being potentially modeled after the loan of Ryan Richter from a few seasons ago. This  would help Ottawa stay competitive again this season while also getting players like Nick Hagglund, Ashton Morgan and Daniel Lovitz some much needed playing time.