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WTR Mailbag – Initial Call

With the new season upon us, Waking the Red is excited to announce a new weekly feature: the mailbag.

The stage is set, ready to field questions
The stage is set, ready to field questions
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Each Wednesday, barring a midweek match, a call will be put out for the issues that you, our readers, would like to see answered. WTR Staff will then aim to respond to a selection of those the over following week. Time and topic will, of course, be a consideration; sadly, not all questions can be answered.

This is a chance for you, the fans, to give voice to the issues that affect you, to address any topics you feel are under-reported, and to spur conversation about any and all facets of Toronto FC, MLS, Canadian Soccer, and the game in general.

Please post your requests and opinions in the comments section below and we shall endeavour to provide response.

It's an exciting time of year, and we here at Waking the Red look forward to providing some of the best coverage out there of TFC and hope everyone enjoys the upcoming season, Toronto's tenth in MLS.