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Toronto FC Acquire Allocation Money in Trade with Seattle Sounders

It was the most MLS trade of all time.

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto FC made their first trade of the regular season today, but no players were involved. Instead the club dealt targeted allocation money and an international spot in exchange for general allocation money. The exact amount of money that exchanged hands was not revealed, as per league policy.

Confused? Fair enough. The best way to explain this deal is outline what the respective teams will likely do with their newly acquired assets. Toronto FC, as it is well known, needs cap space which is what they acquired with general allocation money.

Seattle, on the other hand, is looking to replace the departed Obafemi Martins. Targeted allocation money is designated by the league to be spent on DP level players, which an international spot opens the doors for the Sounders to bring in a player from abroad. Reports have indicated that move could happen within the next couple of months.

The move for Toronto could signal their intent to make a move as well. General manager Tim Bezbatchenko told the Fan 590's TFC Pitchside Podcast that Toronto FC may be looking to add an international player to their roster. While Toronto did move out an international spot in this move, they don't have very many international players on the roster after the departure of Luke Moore and Ahmed Kantari.

Toronto could certainly use some offensive depth, especially at the number 9 position after Moore and Herculez Gomez left the club this offseason. With Jozy Altidore's tendency to get injured, and the fact that he will be with the United States this summer for the Copa America Centenario.

Whether they end up using their newly created space now, or in the summer or not at all this season, this was a smart bit of cap movement by Tim Bezbatchenko. Toronto FC don't really need targeted allocation money currently as all of their DPs make well above an amount that the club could buy down with the money.