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WTR Mailbag – Post-Red Bulls, Pre-NYC FC

Ring! Ring! The weekly call for the mailbag is here

Kemar Lawrence has questions after TFC's win in New York, do you?
Kemar Lawrence has questions after TFC's win in New York, do you?
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back. Well, that was a tad unexpected. Heck of a way to kickoff the season, though as history has taught, it is no time to get ahead of one's self.

Following on the heels of last week's moderately successful debut, the Mailbag is back, your chance to spur the conversation, share your thoughts, or ask a question during this the first inter-match period of the summer.

What did you make of that opening win? See anything of concern, or notice something that made your heart smile? Can anyone explain that Giovinco celebration?

Does the win change anything? How your feel about the season? The prospects for the club? Or the managerial ability of Vanney and Co?

Questions, it has been decided, will be answered in line in the comments section below – please jump in and get involved in the conversation.

The win in New York was glorious, in it's way. And next week sees Toronto FC return to the Big Apple for another bite at the cherry against Patrick Vieira's NYC FC. Should be interesting; they were no pushovers last year and proved their offensive prowess in Chicago last weekend – though that back-line is troubled.