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WTR Mailbag – Post-New England, Pre-DC United

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Waking the Red's midweek call for your questions

Keep your eyes on the ball, they're almost home
Keep your eyes on the ball, they're almost home
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Once more the talking point after the match was the performance of the officials, but this time, it was Toronto FC who benefited, avoiding a pair of possible penalty kicks, as well as punishment for a rash tackle from Justin Morrow, to survive and escape the turf at New England with a 1-1 draw on Saturday.

Five matches into the road trip, the club has accumulated a point-per-game, roughly what everyone expected/hoped for at the start.

Whether that is enough is a matter for a debate.

Few would have predicted the win against the Red Bulls. Draws against NYC FC and the Revolution are reasonable, as was the loss in KC, disappointing though it was, whereas an argument could be made that more was expected in Colorado.

It's funny, results may indeed balance out in the end, though not in the way one would have predicted.

Three more road games before the home opener. May 7th seemed so far away at the start of the season, but now, it is visible on the horizon.

First, a trio of tough matches – in DC, then Montreal, and finally in Portland – before the warmth (or chill, depending on the weather – and maybe the results) can embrace the side.

How the luck will fall in those three remains to be seen? What can be expected; what is needed; what do the fans want to see?

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