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WTR Mailbag – Post-DC, Pre-Montreal

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Waking the Red's midweek call for your questions

Clint's got questions, how about you?
Clint's got questions, how about you?
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Six games into the eight-game road trip and Toronto FC have already met the bare minimum.

As last season came to a close, thoughts turned to the start of the next; the daunting travel schedule loomed large as the first hurdle to straddle.

With eight points already, good enough for fourth in the East – not that standings matter much at this point – TFC have already met that floor. From here on, anything else is gravy, a bonus.

The two games ahead of the May 7 home opener are a good chance to impress upon the expectant fans just what sort of team they will be.

A few weeks back, following a pair of difficult defeats, Gutting It Out was the prime importance. That same spirit, determination, will go a long way to ensuring their first steps at BMO Field are prideful ones.

This is not your Grandpa's TFC, the TFC that allowed 58 goals last season: it is a different beast. They will not be satisfied to rest on their laurels with eight points in hand.

And this weekend, against Montreal, that hunger will once more be on display.

Montreal embarrassed the side when last they met; expect different this time.... But, we'll have to wait and see.

How are you feeling heading into the Derby of the Two Canadas? Does it come as a surprise that this is a top of the table (almost) clash this early? Who's going to Montreal?

Please leave your comments and questions in the section below and the WTR staff will respond in kind.