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First Impressions: Grading Toronto FC's New Players Through Seven Games

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Daniel Dovgan takes a look at the club's new acquisitions, and the first impressions they have given Toronto FC supporters.

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The season is still young and TFC still hasn't played a home match. But a lot of the club's new additions have made some strong first impressions. Here is my take on their performances over the first few games of the season.

Steven Beitashour

TFC has been trying to stop its defence from doing its leaky faucet impression this season. With the addition of Beitashour, Toronto's defence has become much more solid. This is possible because Beitashour is not your typical modern full back. He does not go on lung-bursting runs into the opposition final third.While Beitashour does not offer much in attack thanks to Vanney's instructions he has stayed back and played defence first football. It would be nice to see what Mark Bloom could do in that role. But Beitashour has been so solid Bloom will have to be patient to overtake him.

Grade: B+

Drew Moor

Drew Moor has been absolutely remarkable this season. He was brought into the TFC back line along with Beitashour to shore things up. While the defence has not looked like a brick wall all season, the addition of Beitashour and Moor has been very welcomed. The composure of Moor is something that TFC has never seen out of a centre half. If BMO field were to erupt in flames, Moor would somehow stay calm and manage to clear the danger away. Moor, unlike many former TFC defenders, knows when to clear the ball away or when to try and play out of the back. His presence has made the whole team that much stronger.


Clint Irwin

Irwin was another addition made by Toronto FC front office staff to shore up the backline. Irwin has not faced as many shots as previous goalkeepers. But when called upon, Irwin has stuck to the task and been a vital cog in the last line of defence. In summary, TFC couldn't have asked for anything else from an offseason goalkeeper acquisition.


Will Johnson

When Toronto FC added Will Johnson this offseason his acquisition brought a lot of questions. Where would he play? What kind of formation would TFC have to deploy? Where would Bradley play? Vanney has opted to play Johnson in the #8 role in front of Bradley. Johnson has run full throttle for 90+ minutes. His play has been very pleasing to watch. In the past, TFC has had to field a lot of players that have wanted to be passengers in games.Will Johnson isn't a passenger he is a leader. Johnson's never-ending engine has been a breath of fresh air.

Grade: A+

Tsubasa Endoh

During the MLS SuperDraft TFC went a little bit off the board, opting to pick the Japanese-born winger Endoh from Maryland University. Endoh has managed to make the transition from college to MLS seem much easier than it should be. In the matches that he has played in, Endoh has shown great composure on the ball. He is still far from the finished product, but early signs show that TFC might have finally snagged a first round pick that they might have to keep around for a while.

Grade: B