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Toronto FC Open up Pop-Up Shop on Queen Street for Tenth Season

Ahead of the club's home opener, Toronto FC has opened up a six-day store in Downtown Toronto.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto FC is a little more than a week away from coming back home, and signs of their return are starting to emerge. For example, fans walking through Queen St. West may have noticed a familiar logo today.

Or at least fairly familiar. The T and the FC that are displayed so prominently on the Toronto FC badge are visible. But the rest of the logo has been replaced by a shield and two swords. The neon badge is displayed prominently on 498 Queen St. W in downtown, Toronto.

The building is the site of a new Toronto FC pop up shop that the club has opened ahead of the club's home opener on May 7. The shop will be open for six days, starting today and ending on May 3.

The shop has exclusive Toronto FC merchandise, including hats and shirts with the pop-up shop rendition of the Toronto FC logo. These limited items will only be available at the pop-up shop.

Toronto FC players past and present will also be making appearances at the shop. Tomorrow, hometown boys Jonathan Osorio and Ashtone Morgan will make appearances at the store. Danny Dichio, Benoit Cheyrou, Clement Simonin, Will Johnson and Clint Irwin will also be making appearances.

The Toronto FC pop-up shop also celebrates the history of soccer in Toronto. For example, the old NASL championship trophy won by the Toronto Metro-Croatia in 1976 is on display at the store.

The full schedule and details of the pop-up shop is available on Toronto FC's website at