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VIDEO: Toronto FC Teammates Play Hilarious Prank on Sebastian Giovinco

The atomic ant may be the best player in Major League Soccer, but that doesn't mean he is off the hook when it comes to pranks from his teammates.

Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Sebastian Giovinco's teammates had a bit of fun at the expense of their star striker at training today. Before the Atomic Ant could leave the club's KIA Training Ground, teammates Drew Moor and Will Johnson parked their cars incredibly close to Giovinco's Porshe. This meant the Italian could not get either of the door's open on his car.

The prank was captured by Toronto FC rookie Tsubasa Endoh and posted on his Instagram feed. Endoh gave friends and star midfielders Johnson and Michael Bradley credit for the prank's concept. The Japanese rookie captioned the video "#TFCCameBackHomeButSebaCantEvenGoHome.

After looking around his car for several seconds, Giovinco gets into Will Johnson's car, which has been left unlocked. Johnson, however, still has the keys and tries to take the prank one step further by locking Giovinco in his car.

The prank was by no means especially clever, but it is good to see that the core members of this Toronto FC team are getting along. Being around the team this year, they really do give off the sense that they like each other, and that this team is unified in what they are trying to accomplish on and off the field.

For Endoh, while apparently not the mastermind behind the prank, this may have been some measure of revenge. The rookie told Kurt Larson of the Toronto Sun last week that he gets teased a lot by Giovinco and Bradley, all in good fun of course.

The 22-year-old may not be completely safe yet, however. Giovinco replied to the video with a simple "see you tomorrow", followed by three fist emojis, suggesting retribution may be on the way for those who embarrassed him today.