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Catching Up with the Finding Toronto Podcast

Raghav Sandhu catches up with Toronto FC's two favourite English fans, and sees how their now popular podcast is going.

Finding Toronto

A couple of months ago, Waking the Red sat down, for a Q&A, with a then new podcast called Finding Toronto (Q&A Finding Toronto). Finding Toronto featured two Evertonians, Jamie Sutherland and John Holt, as they embarked on a season-long journey following Toronto FC. With a third of the season now completed, Finding Toronto is fast becoming a go-to listen for many TFC fans, regardless of their location. The hosts offer an honest view of the club and add their comedic flair to the show. Some months on and we decided to ask Jamie, how the experience was going? He had the following to say:

We started our journey into MLS in February with our new team, Toronto FC. Our podcast is basically a diary, following Toronto FC, throughout the season. Everything we learn is a combination of match discussions and interesting facts that our listeners often submit. Also, we've been very fortunate in always having quality guests on the show. The only barrier we've had to face is the 5-hour time difference, here in the UK. However, tools like FaceTime and Skype have been very useful in making and speaking with contacts.

I'll be honest. We thought that if we got 50 downloads, had a bit of a laugh, and discovered a new passion, that would have been a great result. Yet, as we record our 8th episode, our download numbers have far exceeded any expectations we had. The fan interaction has been amazing. We've had former club legends as guests and even Clint Irwin from the current squad came on for a chat! In addition, our flights have been booked for the final game of the season! This has certainly gone way beyond what we could have ever imagined.

Some supporters have asked if we were looking to compete with other TFC podcasts and the simple answer is no. We couldn't and wouldn't want to. Two podcasts that we listen to, Vocal Minority and Come on You Reds, offer a real in-depth knowledge of TFC and are both produced by fans with over a decade of passion. Our podcast is simply just our diary.

When the season started, I promised John that the games would be on at 10pm and that it would be easy to follow the season. Yet a third into the season, I've lost count of the amount of games that have kicked off way past midnight! However, even in these late hours, Twitter is alive and we are interacting with other fans. Some are here in the UK, some across Europe, and TFC fans in Canada who are watching on TV.

We've had fantastic guests, former players Jimmy Brennan, Steve Caldwell, Terry Dunfield, and Danny Koevermans. We've had guests from the majority of supporter groups and even one of Bitchy the Hawks former handlers.

We've began to gain that passion that you have as a supporter. Joy when they lose and despair in defeat.

As well as the regular photos we get on match days, we also get food tips for John! Poutine! And there's even a restaurant that served this dish in Liverpool.

We are glad we've chosen TFC as our team. Everything we wanted in terms of fan support and contributions has gone way beyond what we thought.

A listener asked us, a few weeks back, what happens after the season? Honestly, I don't know. This was a one season project and we haven't even thought that far ahead, but one thing is for sure; We'll always be TFC fans!

I'm so looking forward to coming out for the final game of the season, I'll be bringing the family and hopefully, we can sort tickets out for the tunnel club.

I look forward to enjoying the rest of the season.

That was great from Jamie and we wish Finding Toronto success going forward! We cannot wait for the next episode.

If you would like to listen to Finding Toronto, you can find the podcast on iTunes or simply visit