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WTR Mailbag – Post-Columbus, Pre-Red Bulls

Waking the Red's midweek call for your questions

This picture is amazing - would make great caption contest fodder...
This picture is amazing - would make great caption contest fodder...
Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Back after a brief hiatus, it has been an eventful few weeks in TFC-land.

Jozy Altidore suffered another hamstring injury, meaning he will miss out on both international and domestic duties, Sebastian Giovinco looks set to miss out on this summer's Euros, while the likes of Mo Babouli, Tsubasa Endoh, and Jay Chapman, as well as Josh Williams, have taken the chance to prove their worth to the first team, all with encouraging results.

Added to that, the biannual dump of the salary information presented by the MLS Players Union hit the fan, drawing the usual amount of interest and speculation.

All while Toronto FC dropped more points at home than anyone should be happy with.

Ahead lies one more match before the league breaks for the Copa Centennario. TFC will head back on the road to New York and the Red Bulls, themselves fresh off a 0-7 thrashing of their local rivals, NYC FC.

Before the players can put their feet up, however, Toronto kicks off the 2016 Canadian Championship with a home-and-away series against the Montreal Impact to see who will move on in pursuit of the Voyageurs Cup and potential CONCACAF glory.

Should be a fun few weeks.... not to mention the Canadian Women's National Team will grace pitches in both Toronto and Ottawa at the start of June and the Men gear up for the next phase of World Cup Qualification with a pair of friendlies against Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.

As always, please leave your questions in the comment section below and the WTR staff will respond in kind