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WATCH: The Funny Reason Canadian Women's National Players Got Into a Fight in Training

It's good to see the players easing some of the pressure surely to be on them in Rio with some lighthearted fun in training.

Canada Soccer - Flickr

The Canadian women's national team played one heck of a prank of coach John Herdman for his birthday yesterday. The coach was turning 41, and his players did not let him forget.

It happened at training yesterday, where the team was preparing for today's closed door friendly against China. That's when a seemingly furious Allysha Chapman confronted teammate Melissa Tancredi during a shooting drill. The two started shoving, with Tancredi eventually throwing Chapman to the ground.

Herdman walked over, seemingly confused by this sudden display of emotion. When he did, another Canadian player threw a pie in his face, and the entire team ran away triumphantly while Herdman hung his head at being tricked.

Herdman did get a much better birthday present today, however, as Jessie Fleming scored to give Canada a 1-0 win over China. It was his 50th win as Canadian Women's National Team coach.

Canada are currently over in France making final preparations for the Rio 2016 Olympics. They play against the French national team on Saturday, a match that will be shown on CBC Sports.