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With Transfer Deadline Looming, Toronto FC Being "Particular" with Transfer Targets

Whether a deal happens or not, there is no desperate need for Toronto FC to pull the trigger on a move.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports
The MLS summer transfer window ends tomorrow, but Toronto FC isn't desperate to get a deal done. The club has had a fairly quiet window, as they appear to be happy with their current squad.

General Manager Tim Bezbatchenko and his group have been looking to acquire an attacking midfielder to help boost the Toronto FC attack. That may not end up happening in this window.

The club may still make an acquisition but will only do so under the right circumstances. It doesn't appear that they are looking for a quick fix, nor do they need one.

"If we can find somebody who can fit into the team, who can help the team who will be an add, whether that be a starter or someone who can provide us with depth, we'll be aggressive with that" said coach Greg Vanney after Sunday's match. "But it's not always easy in this window and we are being particular."

According to Kurt Larson of the Toronto Sun, there may be just one single player that Toronto is pursuing at this point after missing out on others. Early reports have suggested that this player is likely from Europe, although South American options were also considered.

Any move made at this point would require some creativity, as Toronto FC does not have a whole lot of salary cap room after signing Canadian international Tosaint Ricketts earlier in the window. The club has explored bringing in a player on a loan deal, which could mean a smaller cap hit.

Making a trade within the league was also an option, but Toronto FC likely would have had to part with one of their young players. That isn't something they are interested in doing currently, especially with how well Toronto FC's crop of youngster have played of late.

Their play has made Toronto FC's need to acquire players less urgent. With Clint Irwin hurt, Alex Bono has filled in admirably, meaning no need to acquire another keeper. Jordan Hamilton's play helped solve a striker crisis after Jozy Altidore went down. Jay Chapman's recent play has, perhaps, made acquiring an attacking midfielder less of a need.

"In some ways, we don't want to leverage future to make a hasty short-term move," said Vanney. "We are very particular in what we are trying to do, and if the right thing comes together here in the next few days then we will go for it. If it doesn't then I don't think we have to be overly anxious to do something."

Toronto FC may have forced things a little bit last summer transfer window, and it cost them. Bringing in Josh Williams still looks like a smart move, but the acquisitions of Herculez Gomez and Ahmed Kantari hurt the club more than they helped.

Instead, the club has spent much of this transfer window rejecting transfer offers for their three designated players. A report from earlier today said that Toronto recently rejected a $5 million dollar bid for captain Michael Bradley, who has been drawing interest from Serie A.

If they make a move in the next few days, it will have been very calculated. Only a player who truly brings something new to the table will be considered.

"We have our eyes and ears open, and Bez and the guys are doing a lot of great work, and we'll see if something comes about," said Vanney. "But it's got to be someone who fits into the group and adds something, otherwise, for me, it doesn't make sense."

If Toronto FC is going to do anything big, it will likely happen in the winter. Until then, they are happy with a team that continues to find depth in new places.