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Reminder Toronto FC Fans: Arrive Early to BMO Field For Today's Match

This is a big match for the club, and Toronto FC supporters are planning to treat it as such.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Take an early train, a different bus or street car. Get yourself into the car and en route. Whichever way you get to BMO Field on a Saturday to watch Toronto FC, plan to arrive a bit earlier than usual this week. For one, the grounds will be crowded as The Canadian National Exhibition has set up camp around the stadium's perimeter.

But more importantly, the members of Toronto FC's various supporter's groups have something special planned ahead of kick off for tonight's 401 derby match against the Montreal Impact. It's going to be something that you will want to see first hand.

When BMO Field underwent its second phase of expansion this past offseason, the south stands, where Toronto FC's hardcore reside, got a facelift. One of the additions was a rigging system set up so that fans can display massive tifos. Expect Toronto FC fans to send a message today, just as their team has been doing on the field.

What exactly that tifo will display remains to be seen, but speculation is that it will be in response to signs made by Montreal Impact fans when Toronto has come to visit them a Saputo Stadium. One from last year read "welcome Argos to BMO" playing off TFC fan's distaste for having to share the field with a CFL franchise.

Those tifos were clever, but considering some of the stuff Toronto FC supporters have come up with in the past, they can be improved upon. Especially with the canvas that comes with being able to display a massive tifo over one side of the stadium.

For Toronto FC fans, the fun starts even before entering the stadium, however. Tickets for today's match also mean access to the Ex, so fans can go on rides and check out all of the food offerings the area has before the match.

The Inebriatti, one of Toronto FC's supporters group, are also planning a march to the match, which is open to all who wear red. The march starts at Liberty Village Market and Cafe at 5:15 p.m. and will go all the way to the stadium well in advance of kickoff.

Today is going to be a special day for Toronto FC, make sure to take in as much of it as possible.