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Toronto FC Supporters Display Massive Banner Before Match Against the Montreal Impact

The 401 derby got some new signage today as Toronto FC fans took advantage of some new additions to BMO Field.

Alex D'Addese

For Toronto FC supporters who arrived prior to kickoff for today's match between the Montreal Impact and Toronto FC, there was something special greeting them in the south end. The result of collaboration between the club's supporters groups, a massive tifo was displayed across the section.

Part of the renovations done to the south stands during this offseason's phase two of construction was to add riggings for tifos, or large banners, to be displayed at BMO Field. The banners attached to the roof at the top of the section and can be pulled up and down.

Toronto FC fans took full advantage of that today. As kickoff loomed the supporters revealed a banner displaying a massive carnival tent. They then pulled up banners on either side that said "our funhouse, your nightmare". The tent part of the main banner opened to display a clown holding a scarf that read "welcome to the circus".

It fit right in with the Ex happening right in the background around BMO Field. Perhaps it was also referring to Montreal Impact supporters, who have called Toronto FC "clowns" in the past. Either way, hats off to the various supporter's groups as it really was well done and added to an already spectacular atmosphere at the stadium. A lot of work must have gone into something of this magnitude, and it paid off.

With the playoffs around the corner, one would assume that this will be taken advantage of again. It is a welcome addition to the BMO Field atmosphere.