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Report: Findlay to be named interim Canada coach

Yahoo Canada Sports claim Benito Floro’s former assistant will take temporary charge of the men’s national team.

Michael Findlay
Michael Findlay
Canada Soccer/YouTube

Michael Findlay will be named the interim head coach of Canada’s men’s national soccer team in the coming days, according to Yahoo Sports Canada.

Findlay was appointed a full-time member of Canada Soccer’s national coaching staff in 2014 and served as an assistant to the recently dismissed Benito Floro.

He has held a number of other roles within the association’s setup, assisting Frank Yallop with the senior team in 2005 and also working with the Under-17 and Under-20 sides during World Cup qualification campaigns.

Prior to his full-time role with Canada Soccer, Findlay was a senior coach and director of football development for BC Soccer, playing a leading role in the running of the BC Soccer Premier League and high-performance program.

Findlay had a taste of the top job when he took charge of Canada’s 1-1 draw against Ghana last year while Floro was coaching the Olympic team and his next looks set to come during the international break starting on October 3.

The CSA will look to arrange two friendlies during that nine-day period, with the second seemingly against Morocco in Marrakech on October 11.

Findlay will get his chance, then, to stake his claim for the job on a permanent basis should he want it, though that CSA president Victor Montagliani has promised to “cast a net” in the search means there is likely to be more-established foreign competition.