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Ricketts & Cooper salaries revealed in latest Players Union release

The Canada international takes the league-minimum salary while his fellow new signing earns significantly more.

MLS: Toronto FC at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The salaries of Toronto FC’s most recent acquisitions, Tosaint Ricketts and Armando Cooper, were published by the MLS Players Union on Friday.

Ricketts takes home a $63,000 base salary, which is just above the senior minimum of $62,500 and also earned by the likes of Daniel Lovitz, Nick Hagglund and Quillan Roberts, among others. The only players below him are Mo Babouli and Tsubasa Endoh, who earn the $51,500 reserve-roster minimum.

That is a team-friendly price but does not include Ricketts’ bonuses, and his signing bonus takes his guaranteed compensation for 2016 up to $81,333. That figure is calculated by dividing the bonus by the number of years in the player’s contract - including option years - which suggests Ricketts has a deal that could run until 2018.

Cooper, meanwhile, earns a base salary of $180,000, which puts him fifth among the club’s non-designated players. His signing bonus for 2016 is $13,333, which again suggests the Reds have the option to extend his time in Toronto beyond his current loan for another two years.

There are some discrepancies on this list compared to the one released in May; most significantly, Benoit Cheyrou’s base salary is now $150,000 rather than the $250,000 listed four months ago. Here it is in full:

Player Position Base Salary Guaranteed Compensation
Alex Bono GK $65,000 $85,200
Clint Irwin GK $95,625 $107,625
Quillan Roberts GK $63,000 $63,000
Steven Beitashour D $230,000 $244,000
Mark Bloom D $94,500 $101,848
Nick Hagglund D $63,000 $63,000
Drew Moor D $235,000 $250,000
Ashtone Morgan D $120,000 $132,000
Justin Morrow D $200,000 $216,666
Clement Simonin D $63,000 $63,000
Josh Williams D $131,250 $131,250
Eriq Zavaleta D $93,500 $124,100
Michael Bradley M $6,000,000 $6,500,000
Jay Chapman M $75,000 $93,500
Benoit Cheyrou M $150,000 $159,333
Armando Cooper M $180,000 $193,333
Marco Delgado M $100,000 $102,500
Tsubasa Endoh M $51,500 $51,500
Will Johnson M $375,000 $395,333
Daniel Lovitz M $63,000 $63,000
Chris Mannella M $63,000 $63,000
Jonathan Osorio M $166,750 $174,570
Jozy Altidore F $4,825,000 $4,825,000
Mo Babouli F $51,500 $51,500
Sebastian Giovinco F $5,600,000 $7,115,555
Jordan Hamilton F $66,150 $78,650
Tosaint Ricketts F $63,000 $81,333