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Giovinco ‘hugely satisfied’ with life in Toronto

The striker’s agent has confirmed he has no intention of going back to Italy.

2016 MLS Cup - Seattle Sounders v Toronto FC

Sebastian Giovinco has already confirmed himself that he is staying with Toronto FC for the foreseeable future, and now his agent has reiterated that stance.

The Italian has bought in to the potential for growth in North American soccer and the role he can play in blazing a trail for both TFC and MLS as a whole, and seems to have no intention of going back on that after two years in Canada.

It’s clear, as well, that Giovinco enjoys the quieter, more relaxed personal life that Toronto offers compared to Turin - which is also good news as we enter a year in which the Chinese Super League looks ready to throw more cash at marquee signings than any division in the history of the game.

Speaking on a television show on Sportitalia in Italy, Giovinco’s representative Andrea D’Amico said: “Giovinco’s not coming back to Italy. He’s found a setting where he is enjoying huge satisfaction both on and off the field, including getting to within touching distance of the title.

“Football in the USA is growing rapidly and this growth of the whole movement there can be seen in the number of spectators flocking to the stadiums.”

Giovinco will be back in a Toronto FC jersey on March 4 against Real Salt Lake.