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Yordy Reyna to Toronto FC rumour is denied

Sources in Toronto say there is nothing in the link to the Red Bull Salzburg forward.

RB Salzburg v Austria Wien - tipico Bundesliga Photo by Andreas Schaad/Getty Images

The search for an attacking midfielder will go on for a little longer.

A report out of Peru - which you can find more on here - linking Toronto FC with Red Bull Salzburg’s Yordy Reyna has been denied by two local TFC reporters on Friday night.

Both Molinaro and Larson are well connected with the team and while football clubs have been known to deny transfers that are very much in the works, I wouldn’t bet on that being the case here.

As Molinaro’s tweet indicates, I would imagine Reyna has appeared on TFC’s radar at some point - the source it came from in Peru was credible and these stories don’t get plucked out of thin air - but it did seem a strange fit for the team in its current state.

Reyna - again, as I elaborated on earlier - is more of a speedy, skilful forward than the creative attacking midfielder Toronto are searching for, though he can play in the No. 10 role. It’s doubtful they would be able to afford him and still fit that new midfielder under the salary cap with the other needs they have this offseason.

If I had to guess, I would say Reyna might have been an option the club was considering when looking to add some speed to the team’s attack last season. They did so in the end, of course, by bringing Tosaint Ricketts back to Canada.