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Michael Bradley ‘embarrassed’ by Donald Trump’s Muslim ban

The captain speaks out.

MLS: Toronto FC Training Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bradley gave an interview to Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl while on international duty yesterday and, unsurprisingly, it was not just soccer on the agenda.

The Toronto FC and USA captain was asked about President Donald Trump’s decision to block immigration from a number of predominantly Muslim countries, which has sparked protests across the United States, and gave two separate answers via both Wahl and his own Instagram account.

Understandably wanting to choose his words carefully, Bradley first gave the following answer to Wahl in the interview itself:

Having later had time to think about the question further, however, he decided the time was right to take a stronger stand.

Whatever your politics, it’s hard not to admire Bradley’s thoughtfulness and willingness to take a public stand on what he believes to be right - particularly as the leader of one of the most ethnically diverse national teams on the planet.