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Sebastian Giovinco’s agent is probably angling for a new contract

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Tim Bezbatchenko has admitted Toronto FC are in discussions with their star forward.

MLS: Philadelphia Union at Toronto  FC John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Sebastian Giovinco to China rumours seem to be cooling, which is very good news for everyone with an interest in Toronto FC.

In an appearance on Anthony Totera’s Red Card show on Wednesday night, TFC general manager Tim Bezbatchenko revealed that he has had no actual contact, formal or informal, with any Chinese Super League clubs. The rumours are solely the result of conversations Giovinco’s agent, Andrea D’Amico, has apparently had with one or two potentially interested parties about the possibility of his client heading east.

Unless Bezbatchenko is hiding something, then, nothing is close with a month to go until the start of the MLS regular season and it seems very unlikely Giovinco will leave. The revealing part came next, when Totera asked about a potential new contract for the 30-year-old:

“Those conversations are sort of always ongoing, obviously, when a player’s performing very well,” Bezbatchenko said. “They want to, obviously, make sure that their contract reflects that.”

Ding ding ding.

Perhaps D’Amico was growing impatient with those talks or perhaps he simply felt the time was right to push for Giovinco to be rewarded for his first two seasons at BMO Field, but I would strongly suggest it’s why China has become a story over the past month.