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TFC Talk: Jason Bent from student to teacher

Coach Jason Bent talks everything TFC from the Academy to the parent club

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Its another great episode of #TFCtalk! MLS & TFC journalist Steve Gennaro @_sgennaro (definitely worth a follow) goes 1v1 with Toronto FC II’s coach Jason Bent.

In episode 6 & Steve chats with Jason @bjbent10 about his journey as a soccer player from the GTA that took him all around the world and back home to Toronto and TorontoFC! Its a great interview with some insight into how players are scouted, developed, and trained from the academy level straight through to the first club. As the icing on top of this week’s cake, there is also a little insider action on the importance of Toronto FC II to the Eastern Conference Champions!

Join TFC Talk next week where Jimmy Brennan, the Red’s first captain is our guest. Love all soccer? Of course you do! Visit for ALL SOCCER 24/7 and/or download the free App for your listening pleasure from your mobile device.