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Arabe Unido midfielder Luis Pereira to train with Toronto FC

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An ex-teammate of Armando Cooper’s is joining the Reds for preseason.

Panama v United States Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

UPDATE: According to Neil Davidson of the Canadian Press - and slightly surprisingly, to me - Pereira is training with TFC II.

Arabe Unido midfielder Luis Pereira will train with Toronto FC for the next four to six weeks, according to the Panamanian club’s Twitter account.

Pereira is a 20-year-old central midfielder with experience in the CONCACAF Champions League and at the Under-20 World Cup. Details on him are sparse but he has made at least one appearance for Panama’s senior team, featuring in a friendly against the USA in April of last year.

Toronto signed Armando Cooper, of course, from Arabe Unido last season and have since made that loan deal permanent.

The Reds have taken a few players on trial this winter, including former New England Revolution first-round pick Jordan McCrary and young W Connection midfielder Aikim Andrews. None have been signed as of yet.

From the video footage available of Pereira, he appears to be a left-footed, deep-lying midfielder capable of contributing on both sides of the ball.

Toronto do not have a ton of space left on their first-team roster for 2017 (though they may be handed two extra spots before the start of the season), which you would imagine they would have to offer to tempt players away from Champions League clubs. Alternatively, offers like this one could be more diplomatic in nature and an attempt to establish links with some of the main talent producers in Central America.