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Toronto FC’s 2017 home jerseys briefly leaked

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Official confirmation comes tomorrow, but this looks to be it.

Major League Soccer

Toronto FC will officially release them tomorrow, but an early look at their 2017 home jerseys appeared online today. Major League Soccer released this season’s headshots for each team, with TFC’s players wearing what appears to be the team’s new home kit. Those photos have since been taken down.

The club is expected to reveal the new kit in an official capacity at a season ticket holder’s breakfast tomorrow. That is when a full view of the jersey, front and back, is likely to become available.

Like other MLS clubs, Toronto FC updates its home kit every two seasons, while updating its secondary kit in alternating years. As has been the case with every home kit in the club’s history, this year's is likely to be primarily red and continues to have Bank of Montreal as the shirt sponsor.

New signing Chris Mavinga in what appears to be the new kit.
Major League Soccer

The changes from the previous kit include horizontal stripes in different shades of red down the body of the jersey. The sleeves and collar of the kit are also onyx, and it appears there is more onyx detailing on the side as well.

What remains to be seen is the colour and pattern of the shorts and socks the club has chosen to pair with the kit. The club is likely to wear either onyx or red shorts, both of which would accent the kit nicely.

Toronto FC has chosen a fairly simple strip this season, one that is more likely to grow on fans than impress them out of the gate. This kit is certainly unlikely to cause the kind of controversy that last year’s did, when it was revealed that there would be be blue accents on the primarily white kit. Blue is the primary colour of Toronto FC’s chief rival: the Montreal Impact, but also appears in the city’s flag.

Black and White goalkeeper kit
Major League Soccer

The kit appears very similar to the one that Toronto FC debuted in 2011, arguably the nicest home kit in club history. It features the same red centre with grey sleeves, although had different shoulder stripes.

Also appearing online today is a potential keeper jersey that Clint Irwin will wear during the 2017 season. This one is far less flashy than the purple and neon yellow kits that he wore during last year’s campaign. The black and white kit is simple but also a nice classic look.

Toronto FC will be hoping that the kit is a memorable one for more than just design, however. The team has made it clear that it expects to be a contender this year. After making it all the way to the MLS Cup Final, Toronto FC fans will be hoping this is the kit that the players will be wearing when they finally hoist the trophy.