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TFC Talk: Bob de Klerk on TFC & the Canadian soccer system

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The former Toronto FC coach talks a variety of different topics on the latest TFC Talk.

CONCACAF Champions League - Los Angeles Galaxy v Toronto FC Photo by Brad White/Getty Images

Editor’s note: Waking the Red has partnered with ALL IN Sports Talk to present “TFC Talk” a Toronto FC podcast. TFC Talk goes in depth about Toronto FC’s past, present and future, providing exclusive conversations with influential people in the club’s history. The show is hosted by TFC & MLS journalist Steve Gennaro (@_sgennaro).

On this week’s TFC Talk, Steve Gennaro talks to former member of the Toronto FC coaching staff Bob de Klerk. The pair discuss de Klerk’s time with Toronto FC, as part of the Aron Winter era, and what went wrong and right about that particular part of the club’s history. He also touches on TFC Academy, with which he was heavily involved, and the development he has seen it make over the years.

They also talk about the state of Canadian Soccer. Given his years of experience with the Dutch soccer system, de Klerk shares some insights as to how Canada Soccer could improve its current system and how to get the most out of all the promising talents that this country has. Finally, what would he say if Canada offered him the job to coach the Canadian men’s national team?