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‘Original Six’ cities for Canadian Premier League revealed in Halifax documents

No Toronto, and it could be about to get interesting in Edmonton.

Soccer: FC Edmonton at New York Cosmos Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Thanks to the Halifax Wanderers supporters’ group, who got in touch with us to clarify a few things. Their tweets, firstly:

My take hasn’t really changed. You can indeed find the document that was presented at a planning meeting online at a different link, but the slide displaying the ‘Original Six’ team locations has been removed (unless there is another URL I haven’t come across).

The most likely explanation, in my opinion, for its removal is that Sports & Entertainment Atlantic (the organization behind the Halifax bid and referred to as SEA in those tweets) were speculating to a certain extent, saw it start to generate some debate and didn’t want people to get carried away. That said - as I stated in the original article below - I would be surprised if they do not have a degree of knowledge as to what the league might look like on launch.

Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Hamilton and Halifax.

That’s what the Canadian Premier League could look like - at least to begin with. Canada Soccer president Victor Montagliani has indicated there has been more interest than he expected in buying in to the new professional league but documents published by the Halifax bid last night suggest those six cities - an ‘Original Six’, if you like - represent the starting point.

The documents have been taken down now, but here’s a screenshot of the first couple of pages courtesy of Namu Yoon:

The rest of the presentation encompassed the details of Halifax’s bid, including stadium development (see here for further details on that), fanbase viability and so on.

That all looks fine, except for one thing: the Edmonton team included on the map is not FC Edmonton of the NASL according to Steven Sandor, who has worked for the club as a broadcaster.

It should be noted, of course, that there is no concrete evidence that this is what the league is going with and not just those behind the Halifax bid speculating. You would expect, however, that they would have a degree of knowledge about the most solid bids across the country in a league they are preparing to spend millions of dollars to join.