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Report: Canadian Premier League to apply for CSA membership in May

The league’s organizers reportedly hope to take a major step towards an official announcement next month.

Extraordinary FIFA Congress Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

It’s only Tuesday, but it’s already been a historic week for Canadian football. With the long rumoured World Cup 2026 bid officially announced, Canadian soccer has, all of a sudden, been thrust into the public spotlight.

And according to Anthony Totera, there is even more news for Canadian football fans to salivate over coming soon. Totera reported on Monday night that the Canadian Premier League is set to officially apply for membership to the Canadian Soccer Association at the governing body’s annual meeting in Whistler during the first week of May.

That would pave the way for an official press conference to make the league a reality soon after.

If correct, this is a welcome development. Totera tweeted that “we are about to cross the finish line” and his excitement is justified: though we have known for some time about the coming of the CPL, confirmed details surrounding the structure and makeup of the league have been scant. With the submission and, hopefully, approval of the application, we can begin to get a clear picture of what the new professional division will actually look like.