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Footy Talks: Which city will get a Canadian Premier League team next?

The CanPL commissioner revealed who he thinks is next.

Martyn Bazyl/Canada Soccer

It is looking more and more likely with each coming week that the Canadian Premier League will launch its inaugural 2019 season with seven teams instead of the planned eight. Commissioner David Clanachan said as much this week to

They were apparently close in a few markets but at this stage don’t want to rush things as they adopt a more long-term focus for the league. This is sensible, especially with the last minute breakdown between the league and Ottawa Fury.

However, it does appear that there could be a road back for Ottawa in 2020, as they remain a potential expansion side. Mitchell Tierney is joined by Gavin Day to talk about the other markets that are in consideration on this week’s Footy Talks podcast.

Also discussed is the new draft setup which will see Canadian collegiate athletes have a chance to join Canadian Premier League teams in November.

On top of this, the pair talk about both the Canadian men and women’s national teams and both having a reasonably successful international window.

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