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Footy Talks: Was Sinclair right to call out CSA over coverage?

Should Canada Soccer have done more to promote women’s games?

Canada v United States Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images

There has been a lot of social media coverage across the Canadian Soccer Association channels of late. The Canadian Premier League continues to take steps towards its inaugural season. Ballou Tabla has joined an already stacked men’s team. That team is playing at home against Dominica on October 16.

Only, they seem to have left out one thing: the women’s team. After all, the women are opening 2018 World Cup qualifying today against Jamaica. There has been very little to indicate that across the Canada Soccer social channels.

All of this earned a reminder from Christine Sinclair on twitter. The captain of the women’s team tweeted the following earlier this week, which has become something of a mini-controversy across Canadian soccer circles.

Some feel as though it is sour grapes after years in which the women’s team consistently received more promotion than the men’s. Others, however, agree and are disappointed in the CSA’s lack of coverage.

This complicated situation was debated on this week’s Footy Talks podcast. Mitchell Tierney is joined by Levi Oakey, who is part of the Kitchener-Waterloo based Grand River Union supporters group.

Who do they support exactly? Well they are hoping that their efforts can help to bring a Canadian Premier League team to the region, much the way Barton St. Battalion,among others, was able to do in Hamilton.

He talks about being a supporters’ group for a team that does not exist yet, and what they are still trying to do in the community. The pair also take a look at the latest Canadian Premier League news.

Finally, they talk about the strong roster Canada has put forth for their Nations League qualifier against Dominica and the exciting future the program has ahead.

You can listen to the show below or by subscribing on Itunes.