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Footy Talks: The most frustrating part of Toronto FC’s 2018 season

Where should the team go from here?

Tagwa Moyo/Waking the Red

What a long, drawn out death that was for Toronto FC. Every time they seemed to be completely out of contention, some small act of redemption would occur and they would at least give themselves a chance.

But ultimately, it never materialized. A 2-1 loss to the Vancouver Whitecaps on Saturday mathematically eliminated the team from the playoffs, and so begins the post mortem on how they went from historic highs to potentially some historic lows.

Kevin Kennedy, a Toronto FC season ticket holder and the founder of Homestand Sports joins the Footy Talks podcast this week to talk about his frustrations as a fan. He also has a lot of questions for Mitchell Tierney about how things went this far off the rails.

The pair talk about Jozy Altidore’s future with Toronto FC, what the club has to do to become better defensively and who were the most disappointing players this season for the club.

They also talk about some fan topics, like the fact that despite this poor performance the club’s season ticket prices will rise next season. They also talk about the bizarre vibe in the stands of late at BMO Field.

You can listen to the show by clicking below, or subscribing on Itunes.