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Footy Talks: What does the future hold for Jordan Hamilton?

Plus more opinions on a big week of news for Toronto FC

MLS: Toronto FC at San Jose Earthquakes Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There are four players currently out of contract with Toronto FC. Earlier this week the club announced that it had declined options on Tosaint Ricketts, Clint Irwin, Jason Hernandez and Jordan Hamilton.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the end of their time with the club, as they could renegotiate a new deal, but for three out of the four it sounds like they will be looking for a new home. Hernandez, in fact, will likely hang up the boots altogether.

The door is still slightly open for one return, however. Jordan Hamilton, who has been on a first team deal since he was 17, played the second most minutes of his career this season for an injury plagued Toronto FC.

The usually clinical finisher, however, failed to make the most of his chances at the MLS level. He scored just three goals in all competitions, and had the sixth worst G-xG/96 in the league.

In some ways that all suggests he was very unlucky. Hamilton showed major growth at the USL level, where he was absolutely dominant this season with eight goals in ten appearances.

But he’s still never had his breakthrough at the MLS level, which is certainly not easy on a Toronto FC team that has had two of the best strikers in the league, one of the best impact substitutes (Ricketts). Now Hamilton has Akinola, possibly Janson, and a potential new signing to contend with.

Even if Toronto FC are willing to get a deal done, it might be time for Hamilton to move on. CanPL is an option for him, but he has proven at least serviceable at the MLS level, and as one of the players grandfathered in to the Canadians as a domestic system he would not require an international spot if he moves.

At 22 years of age, Hamilton still has plenty of potential and time to realize that ability. It might take him moving to a new situation, one that will perhaps be uncomfortable but also provide him more opportunity, in order to get his upward progression back on track.

We discuss Hamilton, and the rest of Toronto FC’s moves and rumours on this week’s Footy Talks Podcast. Charlie O’Connor-Clarke joins the show to talk that plus CanPL signings and a quick look around MLS.

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